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Riding lessons

At The Lesson Barn, we specialize in Saddleseat riding with a focus on creating well-rounded horse people. Students are encouraged not only to learn their skills in the saddle, but also to learn what it takes to get their horse ready for them to ride and how to take care of their horses. All lessons are taught on one of our many school horses who are perfect for different levels of riders! New students start out in a 30 minute private lesson, and upon instructor recommendation will move into a semi-private or group lesson. Group lessons are fun and interactive, and students benefit from the support of their peers and learning by example. It is recommended that students take at least one lesson per week.

Riding Lessons Teach Life Lessons
  • Responsibility

  • Self - Confidence

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Discipline

  • Develops thinking skills

  • Great exercise

  • Awesome social activity

  • FUN!

Pricing and Scheduling

$42.00 per lesson


Lessons are taught weekly on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Please contact Anne today to schedule your lesson!


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